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    "Crime and Punishment" Boiled Down to 60 Seconds by Maud Newton, by Lit Drift.


This is the virtual multimedia slush pile of Lit Drift. Currently we're accepting writing and other works of various and nefarious sorts, including but not limited to:

* Articles/blog posts
* Fiction
* Poetry
* Drunken sailor songs
* Comics
* Short films
* Bar napkin doodles


We'll post 99% of submissions here, but note that works related to fiction in some way will nearly always be accepted for publication. Also please note that we reserve the right to publish photos of silly cats if we so choose. And if there's stuff we really love, we'll publish it on the main site.

If the work submitted is your own, please provide name, web address, etc, so we can properly credit you. If the work submitted is not your own, please link to the source so we can properly credit them. It’s OK to submit previously published work, as long as we have permission to reprint on the site. All work submitted remains the property of the creator.

Thanks in advance for submitting! We look forward to putting your stuff on our site. And if we don’t, then we look forward to publishing photos of silly cats.